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Commissioning professional photography could well be the most important decision you make for your e-commerce site. Customers can't hold your product in their hands so it is crucial to communicate the appearance, colors and textures accurately. High quality shots give your customers confidence and increase your conversion rate.
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Simple product shots are suitable for print catalogs or websites. Simple Product Shot

Item must fit in a shoebox, and there is a three shot minimum.

Price: $25.00
Standard product shots are suitable for print catalogs or websites. Standard Product Shot

The most common type of shot. Item must fit in a carry-on bag

Price: $50.00
Fabric Photography Fabric Photography

Photography of a single fabric

Price: $75.00
Standard furniture product shots are suitable for print catalogs or websites. Furniture Photography

Furniture or appliances that can be carried by one person

Price: $100.00
Fabric Collection Photography Fabric Collection Photography

Up to six fabric patterns per shot

Price: $200.00
Large furniture shots are suitable for print catalogs or websites. Large Furniture Photography

Furniture that requires two people to carry

Price: $250.00
Full Day Studio Photography Full Day Studio Photography

Full day studio photography

Price: $1,500.00
Full Day Location Photography Full Day Location Photography

Full day location photography

Price: $2,500.00
Good photos offer details and a realistic feel of the subject. When it comes to catalogs and websites, good photos are valuable for their ability to sell products. A reader's eyes automatically go to the pictures first so, at that point, quality becomes critical.

What Makes Product Photos So Important

Your website or catalog is a visual presentation of your merchandise so good product shots are important to your company's success. Research has shown that poor photography actually drives customers away from the website. The quality of your images plays a bigger role in your business than you might imagine.
  • Product photos are usually the first thing a customer sees when he or she visits a website or opens a catalog. That first impression will either attract the customer or make them look elsewhere. There is no second chance in making that critical first impression the right one.
  • Detailed well-staged photos sell products. A good catalog or website will offer photos from angles that highlight the product's details and let the consumer feel as if he or she can almost touch it. This is when the picture totally dominates the written word.
  • Consistency in photos helps to achieve a professional look in a catalog or website. Photos with inconsistent lighting or differing color contrasts break up the visual flow and diminish the value of any graphic layout.
  • How your present your company visually makes an impact on how a consumer will perceive your brand. People draw conclusions based on visual cues; a professional clean layout will give consumers the impression you are a professional company with high standards. That gives them the confidence to look further at your catalog or website. An inconsistent or sloppy visual flow gives the impression your company does not care or that you have low standards.
Ordering Product Photography online from Studioli.com is a Smart Business Move

You're a business owner, not a professional photographer. You don't have time to photograph your own merchandise, let alone keep up with the the technical and equipment requirements. Wouldn't you rather read a fatter sales report than a camera manual?
Outsourcing the photography of your products to Studioli.com will produce better results, in less time. We know how to stage products to highlight their best aspects, how to organize photography sessions to make the most efficient use of time.
Professional product photography is affordable and cost effective. It can make a difference in the success of your business.