How we work
We try to make the photography process as simple as possible, but there are always questions. Please read this page before contacting us or placing an order.

How to order photography

1. Choose the type of photography you need, and any available options.
2. Adjust the quantity at checkout. If you are getting product shots just enter the number of total images you expect to receive. Each different view of an item counts as one shot, for example: front, back, and side views would be three shots.
3. Once you have checked out you will receive a confirmation email followed by a phone call from the photographer to discuss your specific session, schedule, and shipping instructions.
Email your pre-production questions to Info[at]

• Standard Product Shots: Just enter the quantity of shots you need, plus any options such as soft shadow, reflection, or background color. Several views of an object count as several shots. After check-out you will be contacted by our staff with instructions on where to send your item(s). Include a return shipping label if you want the items back after the shoot, otherwise they will be donated to charity.

• Advanced Product Shots: For larger items like appliances or furniture just enter the quantity of shots you need. Remember that each view is a shot (i.e. front, back and side views equal three shots). We will consult with you on the style and angle of the shot. You may provide a sketch or written instructions if you like. Items that require receiving must be scheduled.

• Head Shots: Use our website shopping cart to purchase a one hour session. After check out you will be contacted by the photographer to discuss the specifics of your session. We can plan up to three different looks, but this requires preparation on your part and ours: you for hair and wardrobe, and us for lighting and background. You will receive all of the shots from the session. Our studio is located in Staten Island New York. Our service is geared toward professional head shots for business, entertainment or public relations. Kids, families and grads will do better at the mall.

• Model/Actor Package: After check out the photographer will contact you to discuss your specific needs. The Model/Actor photo session is 90 minutes and you may plan several different looks during the session. It is impractical to plan more that five shots that include changes to lighting and background. The package includes layout and printing of 100 Comp Cards (Zed Cards). Additional cards may be ordered at the time, or re-ordered any time later.

• Hair and makeup: We do not provide hair/makeup or wardrobe assistance for the Head Shots or Actor/Model Package. You may bring your own stylist if you wish.

How long does it take to get my photos?
Projects usually take about a week after we receive your products at our studio. If we're very busy, your project may take slightly longer. It also depends on how many shots you need. Call us to discuss your specific needs.

How do you deliver my finished photos?
Photos are delivered online via download. You will be provided a unique username and password to instantly download your high resolution images.

What are the payment choices?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal.

What kind of usage rights do I get?
Upon final payment and delivery, you receive a royalty-free license to use the photographs as often as you like in any form: print, internet, video, as many times as you like, and you never have to pay another cent. We retain the copyrights and the photographs may not be re-sold to third parties without our written permission.

Do I have to pay sales tax?
The transaction results in a license to use the images so there is no tangible transfer of property and, therefore, no sales tax. If you order prints they are taxable in New York.

In what format are my photos delivered?
You get high resolution, 300 DPI jpeg format using maximum quality settings. Files are saved in RGB color space for maximum flexibility. If you wish to have CMYK color conversions for your printer we can provide them.